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Why We Donate to Charities

A few years ago, my dad’s career life was at its peak when he suddenly suffered a Hemorrhagic Stroke.

Being the handy man that he is, Dad was carrying out some repair work at home. At that moment, his vision blurred and he found himself unable to coordinate his hands. Thinking this happened due to his tiredness, he decided to just get some rest.

Next day, things got worse. Dad collapsed onto the floor and he wasn’t able to get back on his feet. Mom called the ambulance and I rushed to the hospital from work as soon as I was informed about the incident. Medical test results indicated that dad had a stroke, which had affected the right side of his brain. This had impacted the left side of his body, due to which both his left hand and legs were temporarily paralysed.

Over the next couple of months, he stayed at Middlemore Hospital. He was being taken care of by the doctors and nurses, who worked tirelessly and passionately for his recovery. The volunteers of the N.Z. Stroke Foundation also visited him. These volunteers provided us with valuable information and training. Although the damage had already been done, dad was able to recover to a point where he could walk unassisted.

Hundreds and thousands of New Zealanders are being cared for by charities such as the N.Z. Stroke Foundation. For those who go through trauma, the support provided by New Zealand charities is irreplaceable and invaluable. Hence, has decided to donate at least 10% of its revenue to New Zealand charities voted by our customers.

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New Zealand Charities that we contribute to

Stroke Foundation of New Zealand

Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand

SPCA New Zealand

New Zealand Red Cross

CanTeen New Zealand

Auckland City Mission

During the checkout process, leave a message for us, letting us know which charity you would like to vote for.

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